Destination Australia – Visit Perth

perth-1368337_1920So far we have told you about Sydney and Cairns, today we take you across to the capital of Western Australia – Perth.

Perth has an attractive setting on the Swan River and has several stunning beaches close by that are a lot less crowded than those on the east coast. A relatively young city that is constantly evolving, the city centre has been revitalised over recent years with a waterfront development, which is like a mini-version of Darling Harbour, Sydney. There are also many more cafes, restaurants and small bars that add a lot to the city.

When I visited this area I stayed in Scarborough, just north of the city centre. Below I will list my 5 favourite things to do when in the area.

Our top 5 things to do in Perth, WA.

  1. Take a day trip to Rottnest Island – Located 18 kilometres off the coast, this is a premier island getaway with over 60 beaches and bays.There are no cars on the island so Rotto is best explored by bicycle, making it a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. Other activities on the island include fishing, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, and diving.booked-e83cb20e2e_1920
  2. Take a Swan River Cruise – Take the trip from Perth down to Fremantle on a relaxing cruise down the Swan River. Take in spectacular views of the city skyline, marvel at some of the most expensive real estate in the country and the many sailing boats. We actually did our cruise at night and the glittering lights looked fantastic as they shine down from the city and reflect on to the water.
  3. Sundays at Cottesloe Beach – Cottesloe is  about 15-minutes drive away from Perth and the crystal clear waters make it a popular place for swimming, snorkelling, surfing and it’s a great spot for families too. Get down to the beach by mid-morning as the famous ‘Fremantle Doctor’ breeze comes in off the Indian Ocean around 2 o’clock, making your beach day a much less pleasant experience. Don’t let that send you packing though, Cottesloe has several bars and cafes on the sea front and Sunday’s in particular are very busy with a great atmosphere. And if you get the taste and end up staying for a while then it is also one of the best places to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean.
  4. Visit Margaret River – Just three hours south of Perth, Margaret River is one of Western Australia’s most renowned food and wine regions. Take a tour of the cellars and taste local brews at the boutique breweries. A trip down to Margaret River wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the farmer’s markets to try the artisan cheeses, local handmade chocolates and delicious fudge. At the end of the day find somewhere to dine on fresh crayfish straight from the ocean or the local beef and truffles. Yum!
  5. Explore the historic town of Fremantle – this makes for a really nice day trip. Located just 30 minutes from Perth, Fremantle is brimming with cafes, bars, seafood restaurants and heritage buildings and maritime history. In fact it is known as ‘the world’s best-preserved example of a 19th-century port’ 


Whatever you choose to do out there, enjoy it!

Thanks for reading, until next time keep searching for YOUR Best Destination….

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